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Why we use WordPress to build websites for clients.

When most people think of WordPress, right off the bat they think drag and drop are easy to build websites. Even those in web development scoff at their faces when they hear WordPress as many see it as an easy tool for designers who don’t know how to really code.

As there is much to be debated about this, the truth is WordPress powers over 34% of all the websites on the internet and 14.7% of the top websites throughout the world. Holding a 60.8% market share in the CMS (Content management system) market WordPress is not only a favorite choice of ours but clearly much of the rest of the world.

So when it comes to us building websites here are a few reasons why WordPress is our go-to CMS for our clients.

WordPress is affordable for the client.

Unlike many other CMSs (Content Management Systems) which charge monthly fees, WordPress is open-source software that is free of charge and maintained by a large community of expert developers, coders, and engineers from around the world.

Since AREDCREATIVE is a smaller agency most of our clients and those who reach out usually don’t have corporate budgets or might be starting off on the web for the first time. Using an open-source CMS like WordPress is an excellent cost-effective solution to building out websites.

The code is open source.

Using a CMS or platform that is open source is of great importance to us when building a website because that allows us access to the full code of that platform or framework. This full access to the code, particularly in WordPress allows us, developers, to build with all the tools available to us.

Other website platforms like Wix or others are not completely open-source therefore when it comes to major customizations to your website or even theme files, we may not have the ability to because parts of the complete code are not available to the public. This leaves us stuck usually having to either pay for extra plugins or features that the platform offers at a marked-up price.

With WordPress, once you’re familiar with the core code the customization options are endless and you can build any type of website given the proper planning.

Security is taken seriously.

Nothing on the internet is 100% safe but we can always implement the most common practices to prevent unforeseen security threats to your website in the near future.

In the case of WordPress, the easiest security feature to implement is making sure your WordPress Installation is always up to date and using the latest version. Almost monthly, WordPress will release a new security update which is awesome because it shows WordPress is always thinking about security.

Not to mention WordPress has over a decade of development on its platform and has been used and tested by millions of websites giving them a strong leg up in being able to refine the CMS with every new version release.

It’s a great choice for SEO.

When it comes to platforms for building websites, not only is WordPress among the top brands chosen but it’s also amongst some of the best when it comes to SEO (Search engine optimization). Not to mention Google loves WordPress websites due to their structure which is the fact that the platform was originally used for mainly blogging in its earlier days.

WordPress does an excellent job at ranking your website on Google and other search engines right out of the box, not to mention the capabilities it has once you start to actually create content with SEO in mind.

There is a vast among of SEO plugins available for WordPress that do an amazing job at getting you listed but amongst our favorites has to be Yoast SEO.

We love using Yoast on our client’s WordPress websites because it allows us to implement basic SEO meta details for each page along with more detailed information like setting up content displays for when your content is shared on the web.

It’s beginner-friendly for clients.

The short learning curve or no curve at all is another reason why we love to use WordPress as a CMS for our client’s websites.

For the most part, WordPress uses a WYSIWYG TEXT editor meaning What You See is what you get. It’s all visual so the changes can be made and seen in real-time previews limiting time spent updating. If they have any sort of tech experience, clients see that basic content updates are as simple as making a new Facebook post.

Taking it a step further in order to keep it even simpler for our clients, we stay away from using generic templates that simply utilize drag and drop to build out the layout of the website. Often clients see these types of WordPress themes that they would like to utilize for their website not knowing the nightmare it is to manage a drag-and-drop website keeping consistency.

Building out templates from scratch enables us to simplify the backend in a way that’s customized specifically to our client’s needs to where we can keep their editing abilities to content like text and images on a need-to basis. This enables clients to have more confidence in making updates while keeping them from having to know any code or just the worry of possibly breaking the website.

Article by:
    Adrian Redmond
  • Front End Web Developer
Web Hosting Canada