Web Design Consultation - AREDCREATIVE
60 minutes

Web Design

Ready to build a website but not sure where to start?
Make it easy and speak with web design professionals.


Topics we'll cover during your consultation.

Topic 1

Selecting a suitable technology

We'll guide you through what software you should use to build a website.

Topic 2

Choosing Domains & Hosting

Educating you on the importance of a good domain name and fast hosting.

Topic 3

Planning & Design

How proper planning and structure simplify updates in the long run.

Topic 4

Maintainance & Management

Why constant maintainance and managenemt is essentail to your website.

Topic 5

Search Engine Optimization

The importance of the proper use of keywords and meta tags on your website.

Topic 6

Budgeting & Costs

Help you establish a budget by exposing all the hidden costs behind a website.