Le Canal Noire

Le Canal Noire is an African American streaming service that streams Movies and TV shows from the African American diaspora. Similar to Netflix, users can sign up for a monthly subscription to access the platform and its content which is streamable on multiple devices.

Poulet Ouest

Powered by our TakeoutEats website platform for restaurants, Poulet Ouest is a small business food company that specializes in Chicken Wings & Fries for delivery through their website.

Patties R Crust

Powered by our TakeoutEats website platform for restaurants, Patties R Us is a small business food company that specializes in selling homemade Jamaican style patties.

O&T Communications

O&T Communications is a Jamaican Customer Service agency who specializes in high-touch customized contact centre solutions for brands who care deeply about the quality of their customer experience.

PTX Freighters Inc.

PTX FREIGHTERS INC, is a Afro-Canadian Caribbean courrier company specialized in residential, commercial, and industrial deliveries. Headquartered in Ottawa, with divisions in Quebec, our reliable customer service is shaped and tailored to provide same-day delivery across Canada.

The Black Book Directory

The Black Book Directory is an online web directory dedicated to black owned businesses and business professionals within the Montréal Canada and surrounding areas.

MTL Music Box

We’re an online Music Platform showcasing Montréal artists of various genres like Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Reggae, Soca, Rock, House, Electronic, and more.

Kyle’s Kicks

Kyle’s Kicks is a Montreal Based Online footwear reseller marketplace specializing in sneakers, casual, dress, and boots.

Gaps Disability Management

Gaps Disability Management is an Ontario based company catering towards Workplace Disability claims. Gaps has been around for over 25 years and handles the claims process for clients from A-Z. They reached out to us looking for a website that catered to their new branding but also separated them from the pack in their industry.

TakeoutEats Restaurant Ordering System

The TakeoutEats Restaurant Ordering System is a 2 in 1 custom Website and Ordering system for Restaurant Owners and Individual food Sellers.

Winnerbrand.Club is a Montreal based online graphic T-shirt Ecommerce store. They needed an Ecommerce platform that would allow for them to showcase their designs and make available for quick orders.

Spar Training Montreal

Spartraining is a Montreal based gym specializing in group personal training sessions. The Gym, run by owner Kevin Selman needed a website to increase his visibility online but also wanted a simpler way for his clients to register for his classses.

Norecipes Fusion

Chef Kwame Johnson reached out to us for a website so he could start leveraging the internet to expand selling his Vegan Fusion food. Chef had already been very active with many orders but wanted to simplify his process of managing orders. We built a custom-branded online ordering system that allowed his customers to quickly place and pay for their orders in an instant.

Lawrence Greene Official

We had the pleasure of working with Montreal based musical Artist Lawrence Greene to build his personal website so he could share his music and connect with his fans. Lawrence Greene needed a platform that was easy to use mainly on Mobile devices.

Samurai Photo Booth

Samurai Photo Booth is an events Photography company based in Montreal. They specialize in providing Photo booths for all types of events. They reached out to us to get their brand online.

Erickson Quebec

Erickson Quebec is a Professional Coaching company based in both Canada and the United States. The Quebec branch reached out to us when It was time for them to get online.

Better Days

We were lucky enough to work with Rapper Lawrence Greene to help debut his 1’st song Better Days during a pandemic. We had an outdoor photoshoot in a wooded area to go for the natural green colours but also for a play on his name Greene.

Ya Media TV

Ya Media TV Network is a Montreal media company that specializes in producing original reality online shows. The shows range from celebrity lifestyles, real-estate, medium readings, a beauty shop, and much more. We built them a mobile-friendly video streaming platform for them to host their shows.

Montréal Game Box

Montréal Game Box is a platform for Video game enthusiasts in the Montreal area. They needed a website to simplify the process of registering players for their monthly gaming tournaments.

MCC Awards 2019

Promotional design material done for the Montreal Community Cares Foundation’s annual Community Cares awards. The awards recognize men, women and children in the Montreal area who are doing extraordinary things in their community.

Sharkx Sports Programs

The Sharkx Sports Programs is a Montreal based community program geared towards youth aged 6 – 17 years old. The Sharkx provides a variety of community programs from Summer camps, Basketball Trainings to Group Outings. We built them a website that allows their clients and potential clients to keep up with all things Sharkx related.

Family Feud

On this song artwork we worked on for Blckcoke Music Group titled Family Feud, we looked express that dynamic here. With amazing the amazing photography they provided, we were able to give viewers the sense of the two artists Prince Akeem and Fly-Doh to be at odds.

Montreal Community Cares Foundation

The Montreal Cares Foundation’s youth centered approach promotes youth well-being, welcomes youth input and nurtures youth determination and resilience.

My Instagrowth

Instagrowth is a legitimate service geared towards helping influencers, business’s or just regular people gain followers on Instagram. Instagrowth reach out to us to create a simple on-boarding process for their clients to register for their service packages.

GAPPC Ontario

Glasgow Advisory Paralegal Professional Corp is Ontario specializing in matters of Disability claims in the workplace. For the past 25 years, GAPPC has been providing it’s services all throughout the province of Ontario.

Super Clean

Blckcoke was looking to go GTA (Grand Theft Auto) style on this one and choose to go with the iconic video game’s cover. Similar to the cover of the various Grand Theft Auto video game franchise created by Rockstar Games, we applied this same technique to their cover.

Loyalty is the New Blood

For their sophmore album title Loyalty is the new Blood, Blckcoke Music Group was looking to for a an eye catching visual for their much anticipated project. Our idea, why not make it as literal as possible, and so we did. A drop of blood in water.