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The TakeoutEats
Restaurant Ordering System

The #1 All in 1 custom Website and Ordering sytstem for Restaurant Owners and Individual food Sellers.

Why use TakeoutEats?

2 in 1

You get the power both a custom Website and Ordering system in 1.

Save Time

Stop going through Emails, Instagram and Facebook to track down orders.

Increase Sales

Business's who also sell online generally increase sales by at least 15%.

Device Ready

Our websites are responsive so their available to any customer on any device.


Our websites are developed to be customized to any type of restaurant.

Secure Payments

Customer payments are always encrypted and never passed through or stored are on our servers.

Email Notifications

Always know the status of an order. Receive email notifications for new orders.

Analytics Optimized

Our websites are developed with Analytics and SEO in mind so you can have the best impact.

Simplify your workload and give your customers the ability to place orders online.

The Features

The TakeoutEats Restaurant Ordering system has a variety of features from Mobile Payment types, Customer Accounts, Discount codes and more.

  • Unlimited Products
  • Umlimited Variations
  • Product Image Gallery
  • Track Inventory
  • Access to all Data
  • Setup Delivery options
  • Tax options
  • Product sorting and filtering
  • Product ratings and reviews
  • Product Categorzing and taging
  • Detailed Product descriptions.
  • Flexible and Secure Payments
  • Built-in blogging
  • Import and export products
  • Customer accounts and guest checkout
  • One-click refunds
  • Order management
  • Highlight important products
  • Sales Reporting
  • Payments Dashboard

Your Admin Dashboard

Your client dashboard is where all the magic happens. From here you can monitor your stats, create new products, setup promotions etc.

Eye Catching Menus

Finally give your customers a menu filled with Vibrant Images. Include ingredients or add nutritional facts like Calories.

Simple Checkout Process

The Checkout proccess is easier than ever regardless of the device your on. Accept payments from Credit Cards and and options like Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Case Studies

Our system is customizable to any type of Restaurant. Checkout a few of different restaurant types below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out the form so we schedule a virtual meeting to get you setup.

The TakeoutEats Restaurant ordering system is not only for restaruants, its also available to anyone looking to have a custom website with the ability to sell food and collect orders.

You have the abilit

Yes. You can choose your own domain name (dependent upon availablity).

TakoutEats is mobile friendly. however - we recommend managing you more pressing tasks on Desktop.

We offer support via email for any for all plans but exteneded support is a paid option depending on your plan selected.

We do not host or store any of your customers information on our servers. All transaction are passed through Stripe Payment Processing serive.

No. TakeoutEats is strictly a website / food ordering system for restaurants and individual food sellers. All methods of delivery are carried out by restaurant.

The TakeoutEats platform starts at $69.99 / month and up based on the type of service plan you select. For more information please view our rates.

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Terms & Conditions

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