Over the summer I had the pleasure of working on the development for the Mpress media website redesign. For those unfamiliar with Mpress media inc, they are a really cool Montreal company thats bringing your favorite App “INSTAGRAM” LIVE to your events. They have three products, Print, Display and Analytics, pretty self-explanatory but I’ll explain anyway.Print is a service where people at your events can visit the mpress booth and print the instagram photos they just shot from their phone. (Like a Polaroid) For the Display feature, guests #hastagged photos from the event will show up in real-time on a display screen within the venue. Analytics is a little more undercover and really more geared towards the business owner. Customers have the ability to monitor the “online success of their event”, giving you information like the Number of photos posted, Number of photos printed, Top contributors, Top influencers and more pretty cool stuff.