The Go Drift Away Travel blog is run by a good friend of ours Kyle Bernard. Over the past year and change Kyle’s become an avid traveller, having spent much time in Asia teaching children the English language and exploring the continent. Throughout his travels Kyle’s developed an exquisite taste for new destinations and has been able to amass a knowledge only travel experience can bring. A collection of tricks every traveler should consider when deciding to travel right now.

Luckily for the greater of humanity, Kyle’s decided to share that knowledge and asked us to create an EBook to gift his current subscribers and for those who signup to his mailing list.


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If you like travel and want to find a way to get out of your city right now without breaking the bank, checkout Kyle at and signup to his mailing list so you can get your free copy of his EBook “The Beginner’s Guide To Traveling Right Now“. It’s filled with tips and hacks to get you on a flight right now.

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